Human Resources Policy

As IZELTAS we share the modern management approach and believing that our workers are the most precious things we have, we take the responsibilities of them and treat them sensitively in accordance with their needs.

To equip our workers and our administrators for the following days, in every stage and every process we give great importance to education; we make investments in human.

As a principle of human resource to employ a person means to accept to employ him till the retirement. And this is a very serious responsible. For that reason while employing employees, it is important to display sensitivity.

13% of the employees are graduated from college education, 35% are graduated from high school and 41% are graduated from primary school. Beside from benefiting from all the rights provided by the law, they also benefit from some social and contribution in kind.

Moreover a football team and a choir of Turkish Art Music were founded for our employees and they have been continuing its activities regularly.

Every year "Spring Festival" and sea, picnic organizations in that the employees can join with their families have become a traditional. Again table tennis tournament is held and become a tradition again between our employees.