With the Total Quality Management (TQM) applications education is considered to be foreground. In our institution that is in TQM journey, with the knowledge of reality, great importance is given to education.

Seriously since 1997, our educational facilities have been continued efficiently. In the following years, inner and outer education will be continued that keeps alive the idea of improvement.

First to create the company culture and for the right and open education, "personal relationships and business" and for the quality concept to be understood "Human and Quality" subjects are started.

In following year, by giving importance to education that encourages and improves teamwork, with the quality circles environment is created with the 5S groups for the team focused applications to be founded. For the improvement facilities of the founded teams, education is given to "systematic problem solving techniques" and "5S system". To our executive personnel  "motivation and administration skills" and to our administrative personnel in addition with that education "leadership" education is given.

In all our distributorship and to all sale staff collective seminars are given about "sale techniques". 

In our activities in TKY, continued with "Total Efficient Care" education, it is aimed at increasing the machine efficiency to upper level, without a pause, without a fault and without any accidents. It is based on the reasons of matters that can be caused with a defect are determined before.

With that application, the employees are considered to have the concept of "MY MACHINE". Our other important education includes the subjects of "how to teach and education program developing". In this education, the operators that was chosen from the employees were learned how to teach the work, how the existing situation can be transformed to one the job training, how the educational program will be written and that skills will be used to achieve the educational objectives.

Consequently, with "how to teach" seminar our experts who know their profession very well, also learn how to teach the knowledge in his mind and the skill in his arm, attitude and professional customs in his heart to the person required properly and quickly.

As a result, every section prepares its education individually and will have the opportunity to educate efficiently and quickly.

In production period, for the date to be used and evaluated, "statistical process check education" is done to our personnel.

  • By educating - continuously improving (Kaizen) the entire human resources, in accordance with the company's targets, to be mobilized in the most effective way, "Simple Idea" education is given and with improving the loss of the equipment, labor cost, material and energy use, the losses are aimed at initializing.
  • The reply period to the customer's demand and to eliminate from the mediate stocks SMED Rapid Tablet Change (Model Changing in Single Moment) that is the most effective appliances of the system is given to the education project group. 
  • In our business place every year periodically education is given about work security to our employees.
  • At the end of the year 2007, the machines, appliances and devices and how the risks that can be derived from raw and semi manufactures materials can be evaluated, how and by whom the evaluation will be made, what the employees will be told and by that skill, the responsibilities of the employer and the precautions should be taken about that area, the related education

was given to all technical supervisors and engineers as OHSAS 18001 Work Security basic education.  By developing risk evaluation teams, the operation related to that system was started and in 2008 year, the certification of OHSAS 18001-work security management system will be completed.

  • Our employees in the rate of 10 to 1, "Basic First Aid Education" was given and First Aid Certificate was taken.
  • The education related to ISO/TS 16949 that application of certification will be made in 2007 (Quality Management System that consists of special conditions in application of ISO 9001:2000 for the spare parts producers about the automotive production) has also been completed. In that context it was taken the followings:
  • ISO/TS 16949 Basic Education
  • Periodical Education
  • 5 basic instrument, APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) and PPAP (Production Process Approval Process),
  • FMFA (Faulty Product and analysis of its Effects.)
  • MSA (Measurement System Analyses),
  • SPC (Statistic Process Check) and
  • Inner Technical education.