Quality Check

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Examination under the magnifying glass
Sensitive measurement check
Measurement of the hardness

Crackers check

Metallographic operation
Examination of the inner structures of metals under the magnifying glass

A -Measurement of the plating thickness

B - Corrosion Test Cabin
Chromium: Measurement of the Corrosion Resistance of Nickel Plating in Test Cabins.


Measurement of Twist
Moment of the Allen Key

Twist Moment Test of Open Edge Key

Format Change Test Applied on the Pliers
and Wire Cutters Arms

"Isolating Test" by applying high temperature on the pliers and handles of other isolated instruments.

Electric permeability test applied on high permeability pliers

Resistance test applied on isolated handles against the strokes.

A - Resistance Test of the Isolates Against the flames

B - Electric resistance test of the Isolates under the loads