Message from the Chairman

I would like to advise you that the results in 2007 shows that our group advance successfully .

Nowadays, the fundamental problem of the companies when they are accomodating to unstable market conditions, is to match customer expectations reducing production costs and to decide the right variations are required in order to increase production volume.

The principle that bring success to companies for long years is that to be based on modern systems and methods. However the fact of today is that ancient systems do not work anymore. The expansion of market, The components such as expectations of customers, the speed of tecnological development, competition are not stable and it is really hard to estimate the future positions of these elements. However, the developments global and national show that “The Change” is only stable element and the way of being competitive is possible accomodating the changes.
In todays circumstances, the only condition to compete is to manage succussfully with the changes. To keep our current position does not means that we are in reliance. We should make something different than other in order to provide superiority against our competitors. So, we must try to ask ourselves ‘How can i do this in better way?’  examining everything we consider as right. Because nothing is perfect.
A definition is used for Globalisation: ‘the far become closer’. Since the far is closer, the competition is also effecting us more and we are searching new ideas to get competition superiority. Quailty, price, brand, differentiation…

We as Izeltas are also modifing and developping ourselves paralelly to the new approach of management, in order to compete and to reach our goal of production of good quality. We are sincerely believing that a good relation between management and workers is required fort o reach our goals. HUMAN is the most important factor for us. The principale of “Respect to Human” and also respect to workers thoughts is the base of our perfection of service understanding because it is human who create the difference. For this reason,  we are trying to provide the development of our labors

The quality is indispensable for Izeltas. We are going on working together to produce our products at good quality as the global competitors and to develop our fair superiority at market.

I am respectfully advising my thanks to our working team, partners, dealers, sellers and to all users of Izeltas.

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